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A 90 day program designed to help you navigate out of your current health misery and into a life full of wellness, clarity and peace. 

Do you...

  • Experience bloating after eating?

  • Struggle with constipation, diarrhea or both?

  • Get overwhelmed and/or anxious easily?

  • Go to the doctor only to leave:

    • feeling misunderstood or not properly cared for?

    • being told that your test results are all normal when you don’t feel normal?

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The Compass is a course designed to give you an understanding on how your body functions as well as tools to sustain a healthy and joyful lifestyle from the inside out. All with me by your side of you. 

I’ve been the girl with depression, multiple autoimmune diseases, painful skin conditions, and feeling hopeless. After learning the steps that I teach you in this program I can honestly say that I am truly living my best life. 

You too can have...

  • Tools to manage your own individual health

  • An understanding of why you become bloated, and the ability to avoid your triggers for good!

  • A bowel movement everyday that is normal and not painful.

  • Control of your body.A sense of physical and mental clarity with overall wellness.

  • A personalized program that approaches you as a whole person and targets all of your concerns with care.

  • A person and community you can turn to whenever you have questions or feel stuck.

  • Confidence in the decisions you make when it comes to nurturing your body because you know what works for you.

  • Zero worry about ever having to be locked into a diet again!

  • All the guesswork removed from your wellness journey so you can get back to living the life you deserve at its fullest.

Inside the course you receive...

  • 8 of The Compass modules to help you put your journey into action. - valued at $6000


  • Weekly homework to speed your healing process - valued at $2000


  • 60 minute weekly LIVE coaching calls to answer all questions throughout program - valued at $3600


  • A private Facebook support group - valued at $500


  • Lifetime membership access to The Compass- valued at $10,000

Why me...

  • I have done 10 years worth of research.


  • I have implemented trial and error with top digestion and nutrition specialists.


  • I have been poked, pricked, prodded, and examined in every way so you don’t have to.


  • I know what is a waste of time and what isn’t.


  • I have spent thousands of dollars and hours on education courses about body functionality.


  • I have almost lost my career due to my many ailments, but I was able to reclaim control of my health, life, and financial prosperity.


  • The tools that I provide are based on my experience and they have proven to make exponential positive changes in my daily life and the overall functionality of my body and mind.

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My Commitment to You

Is to co-create a meaningful and sustainable life full of inner peace

Will you join me?