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Your Body and Parasites

When it comes to your body, it isn't always what you see on the outside that identifies what is going on. 9 times out of 10 it's coming from the inside. In my other blog, "Understanding Your Digestion' I give you tools on how to start a protocol to better understand how you are digesting your food. However.... there may be some people that get to understanding their physiology, do the supplements, eat whatever they want and are still struggling. Or maybe you're someone that is already following a digestion protocol and live a pretty healthy life but you are still struggling with losing weight or not feeling bloat or not feeling tired. I get you! That was my next road block.

After doing a lot of work with my digestion protocol, I no longer experienced the 3am sickness. However....there were symptoms that I realized I was also struggling with daily. Bloating, fatigue, exhaustion after meals, HANGRY, feeling hunger even after having a large meal, cramping....etc. I would do a workout then stand up and feel like I was going to fall over. I knew there was more to this stomach upset than I thought.

Usually I like to put digestive symptoms into three categories. You're either allergic, sensitive or can't digest it. The only time when it doesn't fit into those categories is when you might be experiencing a parasite. Thats right! Bugs in your guts.

Don't freak out! This is actually pretty common. Basically an internal parasite is something you can get from eating the wrong thing at the wrong time and your gut micro biome is an area where it can thrive like no other. Then what happens is the bacteria overgrows and starts wrecking havoc on the rest of your body functions which is going to make it pretty impossible for you to not only digest your food correctly but to be able to correct it with supplementing and proper food intake. This is because the parasite is just going to eat it up. So you have to actually attack and kill the parasite first before you're even going to see any kind of results with correcting your digestion.

The reason I decided to write about this after my digestion blog is simply because ultimately you have to know if your digestion is off first. If you don't have any problems in the digestion area, then you may not be facing any kind of problems. If you're someone with any of the symptoms I described above, then it might be a good idea to rule out parasites. I know this now because based on my symptoms, a lot of my doctors and nutritionists thought that I might have had one.

I went to a naturopathic doctor. She thought it would be a good idea to test for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). SIBO occurs when bacteria living in the body starts growing inside your small intestine. This will cause bloating, diarrhea, fatigue, gassiness, cramping...etc. However...my test came back negative.

I then worked with a nutritionist that recommended I do the H Pylori protocol. H Pylori is very similar to SIBO in the sense that it is also a bacteria. However, it lives throughout your digestive tract and can cause ulcers. To treat these symptoms you do a protocol that clears out the bacteria. It doesn't necessarily hurt your body to do the H Pylori protocol and that is why he recommended that I do it without a confirmed diagnoses. It did help some but didn't make a huge difference. I then later found out with an actual test that I did not have H Pylori.

You can ask your doctor for both of these tests. They are usually in the form of a breath test.

Dont be alarmed if they do come back positive. The protocols they give you to beat it often times do work but it does also mean that you're more susceptible to getting the parasite again. Which means it might be in your best interest to continue down the path of reaching the best wellness you can possibly obtain.

If they come back negative, it doesn't mean you're stuck. Just because my test results came back negative only meant that it was time to move onto the next steps of my journey. I was still experiencing discomfort only now I couldn't determine exactly what was causing it. My story does continue but I wanted to give you some insight on some things you can have done for yourself right now with your doctor before you get too deep into self diagnosing. I've been there and that can be a rabbit hole. That's why Im here now trying to keep you from making the same time wasting mistakes.


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