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Remodeling Made Easy

We have lived in our home for about 3 years now and we were so fortunate to have loved it exactly the way it was for so long. However, we made a deal that after our wedding, we were gong to start investing on sprucing things up a bit.

This journey started for us in the beginning of March 2020. The first space we wanted to start with was the office. Not knowing COVID was going to hit, we were happy we made this choice seeing as how it is get so much use during this time. Our goal was to spend every Sunday in March making sure we put time into either doing work ourselves, hiring help or decorating since this was our only day we had off together.

Figuring out exactly how to go about the renovation while also not impairing our lifestyle was important to us. The office was more of a storage space. As well as where Dustin kept his clothes. We Felt comfortable starting with because it wouldn't cause too much disorganization with our daily livelihood. Needless to say, the room came out beautiful!! This made it easy for us to decide on moving forward with other projects.

If any of you follow me on social media, you will know that we are currently doing some more remodeling!! Thankfully, we had some experience in our previous remodel, that we knew a bit of what to expect. Making things move as smoothly as possible was our top priority.

Originally when we first started this process, both him and I were working so we didn't have to think too much about being in the way of our contractors. However, with us both needing to work from home, it was really important for us to feel like we weren't stuck in a bubble and wouldn't be able to do anything for a month.

This time we would have to remove our bed, all of my clothes from the closet, as well as establish a space for our shelving units. Luckily we have a garage! I was able to organize my closet outside. I will say there is something kind of nice about being able to walk out there in my robe on a crisp morning with my matcha looking for the days outfit. The other perk is that It's actually a bigger situation in the garage than it every was in my closet. Ps...I dont necessarily mind a small closet because it keeps me from having and buying things I just dont need.

Since I work in the office all day, it was important for me to not feel like I was being suffocated. So we stacked our shelves on top of each other to keep it organized. Made it looks like more of a book shelf than an eye sore.. Then I made sure my jewelry stayed in its cute container in my bathroom and office. This made me feel like it wasn't just being thrown all over the place and that it actually still kept everything looking tidy and functional.

The biggest move we had to make was our bed. The option was either put it in the garage and use our pull out bed or move into into the front room and be comfortable for the month. We chose comfort! We also knew that nobody was going to be coming over anytime soon so who cares. Every morning we still make our bed like we would normally do if it was in our bedroom.

It is important to notice how nice some of these moves has actually worked out for us. Dont get me wrong... nothing is staying this way but being positive about the situation makes it fun. We wake up with the rise of the sun which is great for your circadian rhythm. Dustin literally rolls right out of bed and into his office which is in the living room. The other day we sat on the bed while planning our up coming trip together. Gunner usually sleeps in the living room by himself but you can tell he has enjoyed sleeping on the couch across from us then being able to jump up and cuddle with us before the day starts. It's also been a lot easier for me to fall asleep. This is because we can put on one of our favorite shows and start to drift off at the perfect bed time.

It has changed a little bit of my morning routine because I am use to waking up in the morning and going into a meditation in our bedroom all alone but I cant very well do that in Dustin's office. Now I make effort to either go outside or go into the office. Outside is preferred because I dont like to mix work with me time and the bird chirping makes me feel like Pocahontas.

So thats the bedroom situation!!

We also decided to redo our kitchen counter tops. It made us a little nervous since we like to cook. However, it was the perfect time to do them since they are wood and not having our bedroom and kitchen was actually not hard to do together. Our plan was to make sure we had cooked a lot of food in advance so we wouldn't have to use the kitchen other than heating up food. We removed everything from the counters to the kitchen table and left ourselves with just enough space to have a matcha/coffee station.

As I am writing this, we still have to finish the bedroom however the flooring is done. Next up is the painting.!

Our kitchen is back in business!! The counter tops are so beautiful and fill the whole house with that fresh wood scent.

Here are some tips when it comes to getting started with a house project;

  1. Make sure you have a clear vision. Pinterest is great for this!

  2. If you have a partner, make sure you're both on the same page with budget and vision.

  3. Do one room at a time or multiple rooms that dont need one another. This way you wont feel like there is an entire space of your house you cant operate in .

  4. Determine where everything should go to accommodate you in the best way possible.

  5. Try to make sure you either get outside or aren't cooped up in the same space all day. This might bring on negative feelings and you dont want that with something so positive happening.

  6. Find all the things that are positive about the current situation even though it is out of your norm.

  7. Get excited about your new space and talk about the things you want to do to it.

  8. Be proud of yourself for getting to this point and actively getting it done!

I am excited to share everything with you when it is all done!!


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