• Courtnie Belot

My Story

Hey there!

Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog. I am a born and raised California girl. Things I love consist of being in nature, traveling, line dancing, laughing until I cry and creating things with my hands. I am also a licensed cosmetologist and work as a hairstylist in Hermosa beach. My husband Dustin and I live in our little home in Long Beach with our pup Gunner. I’m a homebody at heart but also an adventure enthusiast.

I was inspired to do this part of my site from all of the amazing conversations I have with my clients, friends and family. I never thought that people would be interested in this part of my life or that it could help others. I thank all of you for your constant support and belief in me. This has become another true passion of mine to talk about these topics. It fuels me to keep pushing through my wellness journey and putting max effort into living a purposeful and meaningful life.

When I was a kid I was always obsessed with being in control and making sure there was a plan for everything. Now. . . .I'm still the same. The difference is perspective and purpose.

I used to think I had it all figured out. Then one day I woke up and my whole world changed when my health decided to give me a run for my money.

I was shocked because I had been doing what I always was. Eating healthy, having cheat meals, working out, staying productive and using up as much energy as I could every day till I was completely exhausted. Then bam...I hit a wall and realized that my system for life wasn't working anymore and I had to pivot in more ways than one.

My health started to fail me from debilitating poor digestion, to a skin condition that almost cost me my job, to severe acne issues, to an autoimmune disease, to IBS, to major anxiety and depression. I felt so stuck, miserable, unable and mostly...out of control.

My wellness journey went from a constant struggle, to a determination to find answers and solutions, to living a thriving lifestyle full of self care and purpose. I can honestly say that now I am more in tune with myself than I have ever been. Trial and error no longer scares me or feels like a waste of time. It has inspired me to fill my life with inward and outward love because it is simply essential to live optimally.

On this part of my website I will be sharing all my tips, tricks, hacks, systems, regimens....etc. to help you develop the lifestyle you want in an attainable and sustainable fashion. I do have to say that my methods consist of the importance of healthy, clean, organized, practical and simple practices as much as possible. It is my hope that what I have to share gets you fired up to tackle whatever part of your life you would like to change or improve or simply implement and put your own spin on it.