• Courtnie Belot

How to Nail that Recipe!

Have you ever been in this position when you're super excited to have the time to finally do that recipe you have been wanting to do and then it turns to the walking dead of cuisine? You're sitting there like "where the hell did I go wrong? I followed every step!"

I have done this sooooo many times. Also. . . . I am somebody that likes to create and add my own spin on things. I'm going to give you some ideas on how to nail that recipe and how to make things your own.

1. Pick a time that you know you devote your full attention to it. If that means that your spouse is going to have to go in the other room or watch the kiddos so you can get it done, then thats what it means.

2. Make sure you have all of the ingredients. If you don't, see how you can substitute without compromising the recipe.

3. Read the instructions before you begin in case there is a method they are calling for that you do not understand. This will give you time to look it up and it gives you an opportunity to learn something new for your next recipe session.

4. Set the mood. Whatever that means for you. Music, candles, your favorite drink...whatever helps you focus and feel in the mood to get to cookin.

5. Always make the recipe "as is" first! Then if you decide you want to alter it you will be able to tell exactly where it is that you want to alter it.

(Tip inside of a tip.: Make sure you write down how you changed the recipe so you can do it again. Including if you had to use substitutions. I don't know why it took me years to learn this but it is a game changer!)

6. Have your phone, tablet, recipe card or whatever it is your reading from next to you at all times to refer to. Also make sure it's charged!

7. Want an easy clean up? Set out some sort of cooking cloth on the prepping space you wish to use. That way if anything falls or spills it gets on the cloth and you can easily just dump it into the sink then throw the cloth in the wash.

8. Pre measure out each ingredient. This allows you to go step by step and make sure you do not mix up measurements. Especially if you decide to do half or more of the recipe.

9. Set your ingredients in order of the steps the recipe calls for. Or just separate your wet from your dry.

10. Don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't come out right. Sometimes it's not actually something that you like or the recipe wasn't explained well enough or just something was forgotten. No matter what it is. . . . this is a common thing that happens all the time.

I hope this is helpful. Remember. . . . practice makes better! I don't like saying perfect because nothing is perfect. Haha.

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