• Courtnie Belot

Acne and Birth Control

Around the age of 26 I had been working in my salon as a hairstylist for about a year and started going to the esthetician there because I had noticed that I was getting some dark spot all over my face. This is known as hyper pigmentation. It can be caused from not taking care of your skin when it comes to being in the sun and therefore you're creating sun damage. The other common factor for it is birth control. These dark spots can come from Melasma. This is naturally created by the body and can be over produced when a women is pregnant because their hormone levels create a bigger production in melanin. However...when on birth control, it also effects you estrogen and progesterone and therefore can also cause you to produce more melanin.

When I was 27 I started developing a skin allergy mostly on my hands but it would sometimes spread to my face and shins. I had the hardest time figuring out what the actual skin condition was. I went to so many doctors but none of them could give me an actual solution. I had to find my own answers.

I started doing tons of research and found that birth control actually decreases bile flow (a natural substance our body creates to remove toxins from the body and helps aid your liver). This means that your body is having a hard time removing undigested fat which will cause toxins that will only know how to escape through your skin. Gross right!? I decided it was time to ditch the birth control.

I had been on birth control for 13 years. There was no way in hell all of that stuff was going to get out of my body overnight. Yes...it helped my skin when I was younger but it was never meant to be something to be in my life forever and ever. It literally turns off a natural production the female body is suppose to do. I could see why it affected a lot of other things in my body. I say birth control was the main source of my acne coming back because it was hormonal acne. Mostly living on my jawline and cheeks. That tends to be the hormone area. Being on something that did a thing or two to my hormones then going off of that thing is going to be one heck of a journey let me tell ya.

Dealing with adult acne has caused so much self esteem issues. This was something I thought only teenagers had to deal with. Luckily. . . .I decided to do all of this transition while I was dating my now husband. I am so lucky that I had someone in my corner that loved me when my skin went from good, to not so great, to my now healthy skin. He constantly reminded me of how beautiful I was and am. So, if you ever feel you don't have a support system you can come on over here and I'll be it for you. It's a hard process!

I also knew I was going to be with this man forever, so the idea of going off birth control with this guy left me no qualms about getting pregnant. Let's be honest. . . .sex is another big reason we are on birth control to avoid unprepared pregnancies. However. . . .there are so many ways of being safe sexually these days from condoms, to diaphragms, to abstinence, to just waiting till its right. I'm not trying to advocate "don't worry about getting pregnant!" but there is more than one way to practice safe sex.

The main take away here is that birth control might not always be the best option if acne is something you're trying to use it for. As young women, we are suppose to do many things as we age with our body because we are still developing. Birth control can really mess with the natural transformation our bodies need. It's important to understand why you're on birth control and how it is serving you. That's your business but I hope you also make it your business to do what is best for you individually and your body as a whole.

For me. . . .I now have developed a skin care routine that my face seems to like. It consists of all clean beauty products, that not only help my acne but are gentle on my skin. I can safely say that I now rarely have a break out.

You guys. . . .this took me 5 years to figure out! If you're someone like me, please do not give up. This is only one thing to consider while dealing with acne. However I feel it was the largest culprit of not just my acne, but a lot of other health issues.