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From the gut, to the mind, to the lifestyle...I teach you how to do it all with Wellness.
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Hey You​

I’m Courtnie and I have been in the wellness game since 2010. I honestly never thought I would be a Wellness Coach but the universe thought otherwise. So here I am embracing my talent while being able to meet some amazing people. I’m so glad to be here!!


My experience comes from my personal story. I have struggled with my health for many years until enough was enough I decided to dedicate my every day to reach my optimal health that my physiology was craving.


During my journey I realized how many people would seek me out for advise and help. I loved being able to help people feel better. Then it dawned on me that maybe this is exactly what my purpose was. To help people not have to go through all the loopholes I had to go through for a decade to reach some inner peace about my health. I don't want that for you. I want you feeling amazing without google and with precise direction that lets you be the active doer in becoming the rightful deserving you.

Everyones journey is unique. Choose you and let's start yours together.