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Hi Im Courtnie

From the depths of my soul I am a country girl! I was raised in a small Wine Country town called Paso Robles located on the Central Coast of California. 


If I wasn't outside in the middle of nowhere getting dirty, or line dancing in a tavern, or getting together with friends at some abandoned barn......I was dancing at recitals while helping all the girls do their hair and makeup. Being from a small town came with its own set of pros and cons. I loved the community I came from! The realness of the people and the meaning to a simple "Good Morning!" was filled with pure kindness and genuine. It was simple and never boastful and you really learned how to appreciate the little things in life because there wasn't may options. 

That being said...not having many options left me feeling like there was so much more out there that I could see and pursue

So I  Moved

Good ol' San Diego California! It had a country bar, beaches, parks and had an active but also chill community. At 21 I was working 9am-5pm, Mon-Friday as a Litigation's Manager and after 3 years of that, I felt like I was living in a box and missing out on the creative side of my brain. 

Then something magical happened. The company I worked for went Bankrupt!! At first I thought my life was over, then I realized this could be an opportunity to shift. One day when I was suppose to meet up with my girlfriends to talk about what I was going to do with my life, they kidnapped me and took me to all of the beauty schools in San Diego. My friends knew something about me that I didn't. I did actually want to be a badass business woman but I wanted to do it on my own terms and I also wanted to do something creative. Once this came to light I moved into a small studio down the street from my cosmetology school and finished within a year and within a month I was hired into the shop I wanted to work at.


One tiny problem....I still felt something was missing.

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So I  Moved Again

San Diego gave me so much at that time in my life but when I turned 25 I felt like I needed be around community of people living and breathing the drive for success.


I often came to Los Angeles to visit my best friend. She suggested looking at salons in the area. 


I ended up meeting Mr. Anthony Morrison. I knew about him from being the season one winner of the TV show Sheer Genius. This was the kind of ambition I was looking for. He hired me and two weeks later I had moved to Hermosa Beach CA to pursue my assistant program.

After finishing my assistant program and 3 years of being a stylist I finally became and independent stylist. I now reside at Peroxide with my fellow stylists that I truly adore and who continue to inspire me.  I find so much joy in doing my job and I am so glad that I took a leap and landed right here! 

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Here and Now

If Im not in the salon you can find me at my little home in Long Beach CA with my husband and our pup. Going on dates with my man, Disneyland, coffee shops, traveling and being in nature are a few things that I absolutely love.


Being creative manifests in my life even when Im not at work. Cooking, DIY crafts, putting on events and bringing people together is my favorite.


I find so much joy in learning new things about myself and practicing self care. So being able to be a part of self care practice for my clients makes me happy. Life can be rough and mundane.  I love that I get to be the person that has you in my chair where you can just relax, let someone else take care of you and feel good about it all in the end. If I can make you feel like you're enough, that you accomplished something today, while also making your hair look sexy...I consider my job a job well done! 

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